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8 week personal Skype Mindfulness coaching package


8 week personalised mindfulness coaching package.

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Maybe you’re new to the practice – you keep hearing this word mindfulness and you know it’s probably something you should get around to. Or maybe you’ve attended courses before, you know a bit about it, you dip in and out of meditation but it’s still not something you’ve managed to incorporate into your day to day activities.

Whatever your reason for arriving here, it’s all good – you’re here now and that’s what matters!

Learning to practice mindfulness is seriously one of the greatest and most important gifts we can give ourselves and those we love, and if we’re to live any kind of self-aware, fulfilled, happy, stress-anxiety-depression free lives, we simply have to mind our brains. It’s non-negotiable.

Why practice? 
Because the world as it stands is a bit baloobas and our brains are not equipped to handle it all. In summary. So we have to train them, to give them a regular workout. Just as we move our bodies to stay physically healthy, so too do we have to give our minds a workout to mind our mental wellness and overall happiness in life.

Advantages of working 1-1: 

  •  It’s just very, very personal. It’s completely relevant and related to your own life; your encounters, worries, mental habits, relationships.
  • You get my full and undivided attention for a full hour a week.
  • You can ask as many questions as you like! Nothing’s off the table, nothing’s silly and I will never ever judge anything you ask. Asking questions is one of the most powerful pathways towards insight and understanding.
  • The security and privacy to share freely without the added pressure of being in a group environment.
  • You can show up to the sessions in your onesie on your sofa if you life – no judgement here!
  • We can connect from anywhere in the world, and from the comfort of your own personal space.

What is mindfulness coaching?
A practice where I blend the teaching of mindfulness with the discipline of coaching, helping you to deepen your self-awareness, become familiar with how you are operating – your mind, your behaviours, the decisions your making, how you’re showing up in your own life.

What outcomes should I expect from our time together?

  • Greater clarity and self-awareness
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and emotional reactivity
  • Being better able to cope in life
  • Improved wellbring – both mental and physial
  • Less getting caught up in overthinking and rumination
  • The ability to feel more self-compassion – not giving yourself a hard time!
  • Better focus and productivity
  • More inner stability
  • Getting emotionally and mentally unstuck
  • Healing relationships, both with yourself and others
  • An awareness of the quiet place within, and an understanding of how to access it, even in the midst of complete chaos.
  • And world peace. (Ok maybe not. But at least a little more peace in your own mind and heart)

Word up – this process will only work if you do. Whatever you put in is what you’ll get back out. We’ll meet on Skype once a week, but the meditations and exercises I give you will have to be practised a good 4-5 of the other days we’re not together. That’s not be being a big meanie – it’s just the only way for this programme to make any kind of a real impact on your life. So if you think you can’t commit to that, this is probably not the right fit for you. If you can, and you’re excited to get stuck in, let’s chat!

Before you book your package, let’s have a 15 minute chat to connect & get to know each other a little and so that I can answer any questions you might have. Just follow this link here to go to my schedule.