Work with me

Offering a trauma-informed approach, I work with people in a safe, attuned and compassionate way to help heal wounds and blocks that are stopping us from living life fully aligned. I bring a blended approach to my work, informed by person-centered therapy, calling on techniques and tools from mindfulness, trauma recovery, polyvagal theory, somatic techniques, yoga, parts and inner child work.

The foundation of our work together is rooted in compassion and acceptance, where all of you can be welcomed, witnessed, and understood, with warmth and non-judgment. Psycho-education is an important tool in the work, whereby I teach you the principles and techniques that will empower you to be your own greatest healer on your journey. Knowledge is power, and understanding why you work the way you do and how to create change within yourself is how you begin to reclaim a sense of ownership and agency in your life.  

Another element of my offering is experiential; practical tools and exercises that we may explore in session, and which you continue on your own between sessions. Talking will only get us so far in our healing journey; much of our inner world is held beyond the realms of cognition or of words, and so we must access it  as such.

And finally, integration of all our education and practical tools is crucial, and so during our sessions, we will make sense of what’s happening for you, address what’s showing up for you day to day and help integrate all we are uncovering.

All of the work we do together is underpinned by mindfulness, by mindful awareness, by being awake and conscious, both in session and in your own life, moment to moment. Without awareness, we are powerless to the circumstances we face and to the grip of past wounding. Being conscious means we have choice. 

There is no hierarchy in our relationship; you are the expert on you, I am your guide to help illuminate the path.

To book a therapy session, you can email me,, or book directly here. Sessions fees are on a sliding scale of €60-€80 an hour, you choose where you’re most comfortable at.  

Whether you work with me or someone else or whether or not you’re ready to commit to formal work right now, please know that healing is always possible. You are not broken and in need of fixing, but hurt and deserving of healing. You matter and you make sense.