Mar Healy

‘I am enough’ bracelet


I am enough.



How much of our precious happiness and peace and contentment is robbed by the thief of not enough’. The dull ache that hangs over so many beautiful humans, whispering reminders that in some way, we are inadequate; that there’s something inherently unlovable or unworthy about us, that we are imperfect and flawed, maybe even a little bit broken.

Let this simple bracelet serve as your gentle remembrance of the deep worth of your being.

You are not broken.

You are not less than.

You are an perfectly imperfect, precious being, and,

You. Are. Enough.

Oh, if you could only see the magnificant enoughness of your enoughness.

I handmake these bracelet with a lot of love and care and pour a ton of loving energy into each one. Just like us, each bracelet will have little imperfections – this is what makes both us, and the bracelets, unique.

They are made from a high quality pure 1100 aluminium and are hypoallergenic – so no nickel, lead or zinc.