Minding Mama

As incredible and rewarding and full of mind blowing love motherhood is, it’s also one tough gig! We Mamas do the work of an entire team of people, and sometimes in the midst of taking care of everyone else, our needs slip though the cracks.

Caring for ourselves is not an act of self-indulgence, caring for ourselves is an act of survival. 

Minding Mama is a specially designed retreat based workshop just for Mams; a supportive, open and nurturing space for you to take time out to tend your own innate needs and wellbeing. There’s no pressure, no demands; and especially, no judgement. Take time out to focus 100% on you. Show up in your p.j.’s if that’s the kind of day you’re having!

Using techniques from the worlds of coaching, mindfulness, yoga and positive psychology, you’ll be guided to compassionately notice where your life is out of balance and given tools to help restore it again.

A fusion of theory, practical exercises, story telling and guided meditations, your time at Minding Mama should be both nurturing and informative, fun and relaxing.

You’ll leave a calmer, contented and more connected version of you – which is not just a gift for you alone, but one which nourishes those you love most.