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Come Home

I know, my dear darling, I know it’s so hard,
To keep facing the world, feeling lost, feeling scarred
Wondering when it will all feel a little less tough
Wondering why is your pathway so shaky, so rough

As you stumble and fall, yet again and again
Beaten down by the unyielding weight of this pain
That you’ve carried so long and so far and so deep
In the fibres that bind you, your marrow, your meat….

Longing so much to move through your days feeling peace,
For these wounds to be healed, for the struggle to cease
Calling out in the dark to a force you can’t see
To come save you….release you….to set your soul free

From these chains that oppress you, that keep you confined
In the hostile arena that is your own mind
My darling, the way to return to your light
Is surrender resistance, to give up the fight

Come back, my sweet love, call awareness back home
Gently turn toward the wounds buried deep in your bones
Softly cradle these parts as though tending a child
Grant them freedom to breathe, unrestricted and wild

Without needing their exile, just sit with them now
Don’t condemn or deny them but simply allow
As you bathe them with presence, let grasping decease
There’s no need to carry what begs for release

This journey you’ve been on, this work that you’ve done
To return to your soul, to unlearn, unbecome
Is the work of the warrior, the fierce and the brave
A heroic crusade for this life that you’ll save

Your one….precious….life…..with such infinite hope
Such potential to rise and to heal and to grow
As you alchemise pain, turning dust into gold
Breaking free of imprisoning beliefs you’ve been sold

So keep going by love, keep believing in life
Know that all is unfolding by perfect design
Turn your gaze to the stars in the sky late at night
And remember it’s darkness that gives them their light.

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