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It’s all good, it’s all God..

I’m at the checkout in the Supermarket last night and gesture to a nun to go ahead of me. We get chatting. She is absolutely radiant. Asks what I do and gushes when I tell her I teach meditation. “Oooh, I meditate myself!!”. She wants to give me a little blessing card from Jesus and I gratefully receive. I’m not religious but that’s a fact that is unimportant because we’re both singing from the same hymn sheet, no pun intended. We can wrap whatever name we want around the Divine, source, light, and we can get caught up in the many teachings of the enlightened beings (Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, etc) who came for a time to earth to be the bringers of this light and remind us of the truth, of our truth, of who and what we truly are beneath the restrictive human suit we get to wear for a while for our time here. But the fundamental point is that they are all pointing back to the same thing which in essence boils down to love. We come from love, we return to love and while we’re here, our job is to find our way back to love that so often gets buried beneath the layers of human pain and suffering we experience.

As we spoke, this gorgeous being and I were speaking the same language through a different set of human beliefs. Our vibration was aligned because we were both meeting from a place of love, light and a connection with something far more infinite than our humanness.

She told me that that “Lord was shining out my eyes” what she was speaking to was this unconditional, divine love, because at that moment, I was in deep connection with it.

And you know, it’s balance too; it’s remembering our true nature while still honouring the human incarnation we’re currently inhabiting, because otherwise we become imbalanced and ungrounded. We gotta be in this humany (it’s a real word, promise. Ok, maybe it’s not) humanness while still remembering our essence.

As I pull up at my house, I shuffle one last song and either appropriately or inappropriately but kinda hilariously, Kesha “Raising Hell” comes on…. “I don’t wanna go to Heaven without raisin’ hell” 😉

It’s all good, it’s all God. 😎🕉😘

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