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May You


When the world has left you weary with unworthiness and shame
When your road is paved with memories of deep, unending pain
When you stumble as you try, my love, and getting up is tough
May you know how much you matter, may you know you are enough.

When the weight of all your wounding feels impossible to bear
When you try to breathe the hurt away but can’t come up for air
When giving up feels justified, when you’ve gone the final length
May you know how very brave you are, may you realise your strength.

When the world outside feels scary, when it feels too much to take
When you long to see the good in life, beyond this painful ache
When you feel as though you’re broken, or you’re damaged or you’re wrong
May you know how much you’re needed here, may you feel like you belong.

When the voice within turns hostile, criticising all you do
When it tells you you’re inadequate, just for being you
When it laughs and taunts and ridicules, when it bullies you with lies
May you see how very wrong it is, may you rise and rise and rise

What I know my love, so deeply, is that you’re a precious soul
And while you may not always feel it, you are already whole
Your scars do not define you, you’re so much more than your past
And however dark things get, dear one, just know that it won’t last

Because every precious moment, every single breath you take
Is a chance to start again, my love, to live your life awake
To remember who you are dear one, to know your love, your light
To journey home to presence and to live with all your mite

So please my darling, feel your breath, remember you’re alive
Release, let go and start again as each new breath arrives
For as long as you are breathing, and as long as lifeforce flows
There is something to hold on to, there is life and love and hope ❤

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