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Look Back


Look Back 

Look back, my dear one, and take notice, of the journey that’s brought you this far
Look back at the beauty, the darkness, the growth, feel deep pride for all that you are.

Look back at the pathways you’ve travelled in life, some planned and some journeys off track
Realising no matter how lost that you felt, each time you would find your way back.

Reflect on the courage it took to keep going, when the burdens of life felt too great
Acknowledge your strength and your heart my dear love, to walk on bearing such heavy weight.

Remember that each time the darkness would come and cast shadows across your pure light
That the spark deep within you would rise up again, beaming love, beaming truth, beaming life.

Look back with the wisdom that all you have been though, has led you to where you are now
Understanding we’re not always granted our wish, but that life knows what’s needed somehow.

These hardships, this darkness, this pain you’ve endured, you might never have chosen to know,
But within them you learned and you thrived and became, it’s in mud that the lotus can grow.

So look back, my brave love, look back and look back, then surrender and let it all go
Come to here, come to now, come to being my darling, release and allow life to flow.

Be alive in this one precious moment, dear one, be awake to whatever’s unfolding
Breathe in life, breathe in love, breathe in hope, breathe in now and release all pain you’ve been holding.

Remember the truth of your essence, dear love, an exquisite and rare work of art,
An infinite, beautiful being of love, made of stardust and spirit and heart.



(You can find this piece on Insight Timer here)


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