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Grateful to these beautiful, powerful women for providing the dose of humility I was in need of today.

We were complaining earlier about the fact that we haven’t been able to get cash out of the ATM the last few days; they’re empty as a result of services halting in the area to show respect to a local man who was killed in a terrorist attack further north. The complaining was probably just a build up of the daily fruatrations of existing in such a chaotic, hectic, unpredictable, noisy and often overwhelming place, while at the same time moving through personal healing, releasing and emotional catharsis.

Nonetheless, our complaining highlights, without question, the innate privilige that we operate from in our regular lives. So we can’t get cash for a couple of days, but we have bank accounts with money in them. We’ve been able to fly to the other side of the world to explore a new culture and further our education and personal growth. We can swan around the restaurants and shops here dropping the kind of money in an afternoon that a local might earn in a month. (Those fortunate enough to have work) If India has taught me one thing, it’s to realise how indescribably and unfathomably blessed and fortunate we are – you, me, the people we know – we have so, so f*cking much. So much. And while our lives can be painful and challenging, they are infinitely easier and more privileged than the lives of a good majority of the human population.

Privilege is not an inherently bad thing, let’s just remember to appreciate it 💖


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