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Follow your own compass.

Let’s say you’re out walking around and realise you’re lost. You stop to ask for directions and the person tells you they know the way but that it’s really important to follow their directions, and their’s only. Without question; they know for a fact it’s the only way for you to get home. You follow for a while but something about the journey feels wrong. So you stop and ask another person, and they too have a definite answer and also insist that their’s is the only way. This happens with a third and fourth person, each adament that the only way you’ll get back home is by following their route. You tell them of the other directions offered to you, but they don’t really want to hear of it. The others will lead you astray, they insist, my way is the right way.

You just want to get home.

And herein lies the basis of all confusing and suffering created when humans stop listening to the deep wisdom of the heart, instead looking to forces outside of us for answers that can only ever be discovered within.

Nothing ‘out there’ is the answer; all that any spiritual, religious or mystical practice can do is point you in the direction of home which has always, and will always, be within.

There’s a quote that sometimes is attributed to the Buddha (hey, these guys lived thousands of years ago, accuracy of details will be sketchy at best) but regardless of who said it, it goes as follows…”I am pointing at the moon, don’t confuse my finger for the moon”

In other words, any teachings or practices are not the truth, but merely pointing you to the truth. So if anyone tells you their way is the only way, run. There are many paths that lead us home and what guides one person will disorientate another. So pray, meditate, practice yoga, drink ayahuasca, say the rosary, read the Quoran, bathe in the Ganges, light candles, balance your chakras, recite Rumi, chant, fast, sufi dance – do whatever, but know that none of these are the truth, merely pointing you in the direction of the truth.

You are not seperate from Source, from the Divine, you are a physical extension of it, and within your being, you have everything you’ll ever need. Follow your own compass, it always knows the way somehow…

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