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A direct line to nature….

One of the elements of living in Dublin I found hardest was the lack of energetic space, the presence of humans all around and all they brought with them. I love people, but there was such a denseness of energy, to one side of me, to the other side, and above me.

Oh Lord, above me.

This physical block between my heart and the pure healing elements of Mama Earth and all of her astonishing, soothing beauty.

I craved direct contact with nature, with the Divine, but when I lay down at home, I lay under the weight of shouting, fighting, banging, crying, stomping – no wrongness, just humanness.

I so wanted to lie under nature.


This is my view right now, from my bath, as I lie here in warmth, surrender and deep gratitude

Before bed last night, I stepped outside to say goodnight and thank you to the Universe and as I gasped (literally) in awe at the magnificance and expansiveness of the nightsky, a shooting star blaized a brief but beautiful trail across the darkness, lighting both sky and soul.

Life changes. It does. But you have to make it change. And when you do, when you get into alignment with the truth that is at the core of your being, all forms of situations and circumstances conspire to unfold in your favour.

If your heart is craving growth, movement, change – listen to its whispers. It always knows somehow.

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