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What would Kindness do?

If we went to begin to heal this world, to bring light to all the darkness of hostility and division that exists, we’ve got to each start in our own lives, and start with bringing more kindness into all that we show up with each day.

We can’t undo things once they’re said or done, but we can always pause and ask:

“What would Kindness do?”

* Before we lash out at others online….
* Before we criticise ourselves….for our appearance, for falling short in some way, for not being ‘enough’…
* Before we wound little ones with outbursts of anger and impatience….
* Before we drive aggressively and swear in hostility at the person who just cut us off…
* Before we jump to conclusions and assume the worst in others….
* Before we mindlessly discharge a days worth of frustration on those we love most…
* Before we beat ourselves or others up for past mistakes….
* Before we do damage in a desperate effort to feel just a little better….

Simply pause. Breathe. Connect. And ask, what would Kindness do? Then do that. Even when it’s hard. Even when revenge and hostility feel justified. Even when we feel like our little old effort won’t make a damn bit of difference. Because it will. Kindness creates a ripple effect, and when we rise up and are brave enough to be the one who dares to be kind in a hostile world, we break the cycle. We interrupt the unconscious mode of judgement and separation that has been dominating this planet for too long, and we shine a little light on the darkness. Each of us has within us a deep well of compassion and kindness and the capacity to shine a loving light on every single life we make contact with. It’s simply a choice. When we go out into the world each day, are we going to add to the darkness or be the bringer of light?

One kind act can impact many.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”- Dalai Lama

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