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Grumpy face goes running.

This was my grumpy face circa 1982 and again at about 8 o’clock last night when I had decided that I was going for a run. I was going, but I was not one bit happy about it.

Brain: “Come on so legs, we’re going for a run”

Legs: “Nah. I’m just gonna hang here with the rest of Mar’s body. Could be a night for Netflix. Chocolate. You know the drill.”

“Sorry dudes, decision’s made, we’re going”

“Nope. Not happening. No. No, no, no, no, no. NO. No, no, no. Just no.”

“You realise I run the show, right? I mean I literally control you.”





45 mins later….

Legs: “OMG that was amazing!!!!! Best idea ever!!! Brain, you’re a genius”

“I have my uses”

Bar the time I turned around and ran full throttle into an open head high locker door at the gym, I have never regretted a workout. It can be so hard to motivate ourselves, but we always feel infinitely better after and to be fair it’s an absolute gift to be able to move our bodies, to celebrate our health. So get on it today – ignore your excuses and move it


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