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Feel the pain, but don’t live in it.

We need to feel our pain and process our hurt, but we *do not need to live there*.

It’s enough that these things happened in the first place, but a tragedy that we keep them alive in the present.

It’s time to let them go.

Old traumas can get stuck – as well worn unhelpful neural pathways in the brain, as blockages in the body and in our energy field, as physical and emotional disease. And it’s not our fault that we got hurt, but it is our responsibility to reclaim our power and choose how we want our present reality, as well as our future, to be.

Therapy, energy healing, meditation – do whatever is needed to release old pain and help redirect our awareness to all the goodness and light that exists in our lives.

There is infinitely more light than there is darkness, and when we stop ourselves from picking apart old stories and keeping them on loop in our minds, we can begin to see it and live from it. Healing is always possible 

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