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Honour the space between no longer and not yet.

“Honour the space between no longer and not yet”

I call this space the unknown. What was is no longer, what’s to be is not yet visible.

And it can suck to be here.

Being in the unknown is the time when we are forced to call deepest on our wisdom and faith. To listen to that higher part of ourselves that’s always present to guide and reassure us, but speaks in whispers while the ego roars.

It’s here in the unknown that we need to hold on to belief that everything will be ok, that everything is working out, even if all the evidence is suggesting otherwise.

It’s having the ability to believe in the bigger picture when all we can see are the fragmented pieces of the puzzle that we’re holding right now.

The unknown is messy. It’s scary. The unknown tests us; tests our faith, our resilience, our conviction, our willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other even if we can’t see the pathway ahead.

But it’s the challenge of this space that deepens our growth, because the seeds that we sow in this unknown will flourish and form the backbone of strength and resilience that will guide us through even the most difficult terrains of life.

The unknown, the middle, is *as* important a part of the journey as all others, and when we learn to honour and embrace it, to be in it rather than try and rush through it, we release ourselves from undue suffering.

We will look back at this time of unknown and smile, remembering how uncertain it all felt and realise we worried for nothing; because in the end it all worked out. It always does.

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