Why work with me

Linkedin PicHey I’m Mar, glad you’re here.

Teaching people to better understand and manage their minds is not work to me, it’s what I live and breathe, it’s honestly just a part of who I am.

I believe so much in the transformative power of managing our minds, and have seen first-hand the changes that happen within people and within their lives when they learn to cultivate a sense of mindful awareness.

My pathway to Mindfulness

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their stories; always drawn to understanding the human mind and how we operate. Having spent 10 years or so undertaking self-study in the area, in 2013 I undertook professional training as a Life & Executive Coach, with advanced coach training in Emotional Intelligence, going on to set up my own practice. At the same time, I was deepening my own mindfulness practice, drawing on the teachings to help me through some big challenges in life, particularly the darkness of postnatal depression. Having then spent over a year delivering CBT based Mental Health training for a mental health organisation, it became so clear to me that there was a very real need for people to learn skills that they could call upon when life got hard or challenging or just ‘life-ie’! So it was a pretty organic decision to undertake formal training in the field, and I traveled to the incredible Solterreno in the Spanish mountains to complete the TTR1 MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) with Mindful Academy.

My teaching style

I would say I’ve an old head and a young heart, which allows me to cover the big stuff, the heavy issues, with a sense of fun and relatability. I’m warm and open, completely non-judgemental of participants, and aim always look best in people. So my classes and 1-1 sessions are a relaxed, enjoyable and safe space to be. There’s plenty of laughter, learning and a real sense of connection. I use every day analogies to explain concepts that can be somewhat complex, and always meet and honour people wherever they’re at.

It’s a great privilege to do the work I do and a gift I feel utmost of gratitude for.