Let me preface this section by clarify that I’m not immaculately sculpted being of perfect wellness who floats around on a cloud of zen and positivity.

You know that footage of athletes wobbling towards the finish line like bandy legged newborn calves? That’s what my journey to wellness has looked like. Not pretty, but I got here.


I still have regular bumps in the road and ungraceful dismounts off the wellness wagon, but the point is what we do when we realise we’ve left the path, and how quickly and compassionately we get back on.

So what are we talking about when we talk about Wellness? To me, it’s about a fundamental feeling of health, of balance, of being by and large, pretty good in the important areas of our being – our body, our mind and our spirit. In order to create this (because we’re in charge of creating our wellness, it honestly doesn’t just passively happen) it’s important to know what elements we need to include in our day to day living to create the overall outcome.

Let’s say we’re baking a cake. We know what ingredients are needed in order to get the desired outcome. What happens if we leave out an ingredient? Depends on how important it is. Some we’ll get away with, others are integral to the recipe and and it’ll flop without it. What if we start to leave out two, three ingredients? Not gonna happen, right? Our wellness works in the very same way. There are fundamental things that we need to do in order to feel well, fulfilled and happy and when we start to ignore these and leave them out, we can end up a half-baked, floppy mess!

So, this is why we need to take time to firstly identify what these elements are, then have them in writing to keep us on track and accountable. I’m in the middle of having a self-care planner designed, and that will be available for free download shortly – but in the meantime, have a goo at the pics below to get an idea of what a wellness planner might look like.

Listen, there’s no need to go all Perfectiony McPerfectionist on it – the last thing we want is for our planner to become another to-do list or pain in our ass. That’s not its purpose at all – the whole idea is simply to know what we need to do, as close to daily as possible to keep us feeling well, happy, balanced(ish) connected, fulfilled with a sense of purpose and in alignment.

You can think along the lines of nutrition, sleep, meditation, exercise, creativity, relationships & social connection, achievement, fun & play, practising gratitude, time in nature, purpose and meaning.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself to gauge what needs to go into your plan?

  • What makes me feel most alive?
  • Who do I feel better having spent time with?
  • What am I doing when I get truly into flow?
  • What activities fill my cup up?
  • What drains me?
  • What relaxes me?
  • What brings me a sense of purpose?
  • What was I doing the last time I felt truly happy?
  • What makes me feel good about myself?