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Being an asshole to ourselves is not the way.

We had a really nice family brunch at home this morning, and afterward as I sat at the table, my littlest guy had decided to get down on the ground and play with a truck. I took out my phone to send an email, when the sound of him playing remind me to pause; to notice, to put my phone away and to really soak in the image of him hunkered down in his tiny little body. To notice his movements, his chubby little hands, the sound of his voice. Here’s the thing though. When I first woke up  ...

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Body Scan Meditation

  I remember the first time I was introduced to the body scan, over a decade ago in a session with my therapist. I have a habit of letting it get to the point where I *need* to see her rather than maintaining regular appointments to keep myself ‘serviced’ – regular  ...

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