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Oh dear God, what have I done….

Ok, I feel a bit sick. And teary. These are Jossie’s little curls. Hold me. I’ve stored them in a bag with ‘oh dear God, what have I done??’ written on it. It’s beside the ‘Julie Andrews’ haircut of 2014 when I cut Eli’s hair and he looked like Julie Andrews in the sound of music. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or make clothes from the curtains. And now babycurlgate. Is there anything to be said for another Mass??

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This is ME.

Did any of you watch Keala Settle perform ‘This is Me’ on the Graham Norton Show on Friday?? Sweet Mother of all that’s holy, such a phenomenal song and singer and a breathtaking performance. Myself and Gerry were still clapping at the telly 10 minutes later. The power. The  ...

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