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What would Kindness do?

If we went to begin to heal this world, to bring light to all the darkness of hostility and division that exists, we’ve got to each start in our own lives, and start with bringing more kindness into all that we show up with each day. We can’t undo things once they’re said or done, but we can always pause and ask: “What would Kindness do?” * Before we lash out at others online…. * Before we criticise ourselves….for our appearance, for falling short  ...

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This is ME.

Did any of you watch Keala Settle perform ‘This is Me’ on the Graham Norton Show on Friday?? Sweet Mother of all that’s holy, such a phenomenal song and singer and a breathtaking performance. Myself and Gerry were still clapping at the telly 10 minutes later. The power. The  ...

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