Confidence & Self-Belief

Confidence is a funny concept, because it’s an ever changing and fluid thing. Situations, people, life events and emotional states all affect how confident we feel at any given moment in time. On a deeper level, though, how we feel about ourselves, our self-regard, is fundamental to how authentically we allow ourselves to show up in the world.

My confidence training isn’t about working on what I’d call ‘superficial’ confidence, but on cultivating a deeper sense of self-belief and self-worth and on helping you to rewire your brain for a more compassionate view of the self.

None of us arrive into the world self-conscious or fearing judgement from other people. We’re proud to show off, to sing out loud, to speak our mind and generally just live life without barriers. Gradually, over time, we learn that other people’s opinion matters. We learn to push down our own natural instincts and start to make decisions informed by the opinions of others. We start to care about what other people think, we worry about not being accepted, not being.

We worry that people will see the ‘real’ us and not like us anymore; not want to date us or be friends with us, not want to offer us the job or talk to us at an event. We can even project an image of absolute confidence while in reality on the inside, we’re racked with self-doubt and insecurity.

But you know what? We can do better than that! We’re not here to play small and fit in. We’re here to do and be all we possibly can, to shine.

I deliver this training both privately and within the corporate sector.