I’m not a huge fan of writing my own bio….but you’ve taken the time to be here so I’ll give you the lowdown.

First up I’m a seeker. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to understand and make sense of humans. Why we do the things we do,  why we are who we are, why we’re here, what we’re doing  basically floating around space on a big rock. 

I’ll get back to you when I have the answers.

I will tell you that I think it’s all for the purpose of growth. To expand and stretch our souls to the very outer edges of comfort, so that we can evolve, so we can raise our consciousness, both individually and collectively. It’s a bumpy ride at times, but that’s ok; with each challenge we learn and grow and awaken a little more. No mud, no lotus, capiche?

I believe life is meant to be fun as well as serious. I believe as beings, we have infinitely more power and potential than we can even begin to wrap our heads around. I believe also that attachment to and over identification with the human egoic mind is at the root of all suffering on this planet, and when we believe our thoughts and identify with our beliefs, we’re in big trouble. The way to peace and freedom is to keep reconnecting with the truth of who we are, the stillness beneath the mental chatter, the space between the triggers. And hands down, for me, the surest way to create this space has been through meditation and mindful awareness. 

Self-worth has not come easily to me; it’s been a decades long street fight to claw back my worth from the grips of shame and inadequacy. It’s work I still have to engage with on a daily basis, but we can be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time and I’m good with that.

My greatest joy and deepest love comes from my two little boys; they are my life. They help me to heal and grow in ways I never thought possible, and knowing them, being in their company is pure joy. Getting to be their Mama is the greatest privilege of my life.

(It’s ok, I also sometimes want to put them on eBay or donate them to charity, but yeah, mostly the love and appreciation thing)

Together with my partner Gerry, we have a genuinely loving and happy family; messy and imperfect, open and real. . 

As a teenager, I wanted so badly to be a doctor that I studied 13 hours a day for a couple of years. It didn’t work.

Well, balls.

I was about a half a percent away from getting into med school, and aside from the occasional pangs of ‘what if’ that the smell of a hospital stirs in me, I’m grateful it didn’t work out. Ultimately, I  just wanted to help people heal, and now that’s what I do. I’m a believer that we all arrive here with lessons to learn and work to carry out, and if we aren’t walking ourselves down the path we agreed before showing up here, then unseen forces can jump in and help redirect us.

And redirected I was. From Speech Therapy, to Media, working in TV, onto Event Management, then a stint as a Surf Instructor before my little humans decided it was time to make their grand entrance. After my first little boy was born, I decided to put some qualifications behind the decade long personal development work I’d gone through, and retrained as a Life Coach. This led me onto working as a mental health trainer, and then onto more training – this time in Mindfulness (MBSR) and then to Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Feeling called to dive deeper into trauma work and not being able to make peace with the Psychotherapy MA I’d applied for, I began to research and train in disciplines like Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, and at present, NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model – a model addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma), all of which inform the work I do. And so here I am. Speaking to you, in whatever corner of the earth you’re reading this from.

I write and record guided meditations and healing poetry, which are available here on my site, as well as on the Insight Timer app.

I have a deep passion for understanding trauma and its impact on us and how we show up (or don’t) in the world. Some of my favourite teachers include Dick Schwartz, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Deb Dana, Pete Walker, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Stephen Porges, and Den Siegel.

My hunger for learning never exhausts. As long as I am breathing, I will continue to grow, evolve and help others do the same.

I swear like a drunk sailor, meditate daily (because if I don’t, I am a liability) play questionable music on piano, guitar and sing, have travelled pretty extensively, eat a vegan diet, unschooled my children, homebirthed our second boy, breastfed into the toddler years.

I’m basically saying I think I might be a hippie. I know, I was surprised too when I made the connection but the facts don’t lie.

So reach out, say hi, lurk quietly in the background, whatever works. If you like my content, please feel free to share it, if you want to work with me, get in touch.

I hope you have a fabulous day and a beautiful life,

In kindness