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To be on any kind of path of transformation, personal growth, healing or spiritual awakening, inevitably involves acceptance of all the dark, murky stuff that we straight up don’t like; the things we have a hard time facing. Acceptance Β is so counter intuitive – I mean, why would we accept something that we strongly dislike, feel ashamed of, want desperately to change? Because acceptance precedes change. And because in truth, it’s not the thing itself, but our own  ...

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Numbing pain.

This is what’s left of a bar of a sizeable bar of chocolate. I devoured it like a primal Neanderthal, honestly, it didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t savour the bites or notice much about the experience at all because it wasn’t about eating, it was about self-soothing.  ...

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This is ME.

Did any of you watch Keala Settle perform ‘This is Me’ on the Graham Norton Show on Friday?? Sweet Mother of all that’s holy, such a phenomenal song and singer and a breathtaking performance. Myself and Gerry were still clapping at the telly 10 minutes later. The power. The  ...

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