Hey there and welcome to my site! Glad you’re here. I’m Mar – Mindfulness coach & teacher. I work with clients both privately, in groups and within organisations to help them transform how they think, how they feel and how they engage with the world.

Learning how to manage our minds and to deepen our own self-awareness is just about the most important work we’ll ever do in life!

Drawing on the latest teaching from the worlds of coaching, mindfulness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, I bring a whole wealth of insight and tools to my work, helping to nurture each individual to their own personal best.

Areas I can help with:
– Stress management
– Emotional management
– Mental wellness training
– Self-confidence
– Performance
– Emotional & mental resilience
– Depression & anxiety

“Mar’s energy, enthusiasm and positivity were totally infectious. She demystified the process, helped me overcome my preconceived obstacles and helped me find my way”P.H., Dubin